iPhone 6 Surprise (feat. Austin Evans, Slick, B-Roll)

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Apple – iPhone 5 – TV Ad – FaceTime Every Day

Every day, more people connect face to face on the iPhone than any other phone.
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Apple iPhone 6: Preview (4K)

Detailed look at the design of the next generation 4.7″ iPhone (iPhone 6/Air) with a comparison to all previous iPhone generations, iPod Touch, Samsung Galax…
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BlackBerry Z10 Running Android Apps

Hi I will be showing how the BlackBerryZ10 running android apps known as apk if u need help with downloading or anything please like this video and comment a…
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My Top 5 iPhone/iPod Touch Apps 2013

My Top 5 iPhone/iPod Touch Apps 2013

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Rocket Math Launches New Math Facts Fluency App for Kids in Kindergarten – 5th Grade Available on Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

RocketMath.com – In the wake of over 15 years success in elementary schools worldwide, R&D Instructional Solutions is excited to announce its July 15, 2014 release of Rocket Math The App, compatible with Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Duplicating their celebrated classroom math facts program designed by Dr. Don Crawford, PhD, the program enables students to realize mastery of higher math skills easily. Rocket Math The App systematically engages and motivates children, ages Kindergarten through 5th grade, to naturally develop math facts fluency to a level of automaticity.

Rocket Math in iTunes App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rocket-math-basic-math-facts/id710694074?ls=1&mt=8.

Originally a ten-minutes-a-day worksheet-based supplementary math facts practice, Rocket Math has enjoyed much success internationally in both elementary school classrooms and homeschool environments as a uniquely structured, sequential curriculum. Not only is Rocket Math effective, its fun. As the name implies, Rocket Math treats the student to a blast-off as each level Takes Off, Orbits and finally finishes with Universe.

Impelled by the classroom success of the Rocket Math daily worksheet program, Rocket Math – The App is R&D Instructional Solutions’ natural next step, offering parents, teachers and students the new electronic version for individuated practice. Rocket Math – The App is designed to work with Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And, its free to get started, enabling parent or teacher to assess Rocket Maths benefits to the student before purchase.

“This has been a long time dream of mine–to create an app that provides proper instruction thats needed when children are learning facts. Im excited that weve developed something that really works to both motivate and teach effectively.” – Dr. Don Crawford

Rocket Math – The App is not just another math facts game. Students earn their way through the levels, developing speedy accuracy to the achievement of automaticity the real secret to math success. Motivation for students to grasp new skills and step up with confidence to the next level of math mastery is scientifically built into Rocket Math The App through fun sights, sounds and incremental challenges.

Over the last 15 years, Rocket Math has become a welcome and important math facts learning tool in elementary classrooms both in the U.S. and overseas. Teachers and homeschooling families who have reviewed the new Rocket Math app are excited:

The new Rocket Math app is a game changer for students, educators and parents. Learning basic facts is no longer a frustrating, mundane, forgotten task. This app is just what youve been waiting for. Students will enjoy the apps cool design, upgrading to the next level and tapping the answer. Teachers will enjoy the convenience, improvement in their students skills and excitement at mastering their facts. ~ Kaitlin Boyer, Boyertown, PA.

Rocket Math The App is the first fun math app Ive seen that really works to make you fast at basic calculations. Everything is done in small steps so your student can achieve lots of successes. ~ Douglas Corin, Queensland, Australia.

My students cant wait to earn access to practice with the Rocket Math app. ~ Shanon Sitler-Martin, M.Ed., Bethel, PA.

I love how this app teaches math facts in a structured, systematic way. It ensures that my son masters one set of facts before progressing to the next, instead of just presenting equations randomly. The spaceship setting was very motivating for him. Overall this is a great app. ~ Christine Carey, Milwaukee, WI

The unique Rocket Math sequence enables children to learn just two facts and their reverse at a time, practice them until memorized and then combine their new skills with those already learned in a cumulative review. Small, attainable steps ensure success. Rocket Math The App is voice-guided, so no adult supervision is needed, while the family friendly feature keeps track of up to 3 users at once. Achievement certificates may be printed or shared via email. This one-time purchase is intended for use with Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. And, what do the students have to say?

“I like Rocket Math because you can learn math fast. You don’t have to use your fingers. ~ 7-year old, Queensland, Australia.

To learn more about Rocket Math & Rocket MathThe App, visit: http://www.rocketmath.com/p/app.html.

Rocket Math in iTunes App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rocket-math-basic-math-facts/id710694074?ls=1&mt=8

Rocket Math is a division of R&D Instructional Solutions, offering research-based instructional practice and curriculum materials since 2007, and run by Dr. Don Crawford, PhD, an educator for over thirty years in all grade levels from K 12, regular and special education. In addition, Dr. Crawford has served as director of W. C. Cupe Community Schools, Director of Training for the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI), Director of Academics for the Baltimore Curriculum Project, co-editor of Direct Instruction News and executive director of The Mastery Learning Institute and the Arthur Academies.

Dr. Crawford may be contacted directly at Don(at)RocketMath(dot)com or 1-888-488-4854.

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Multiple Award Winning Mystic Ink Publishing Breaks Into New Markets With Expanded Distribution

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Aside from its print and Kindle offerings at Amazon.Com and independent book stores, Award Winning Mystic Ink Publishing has reached deeper into worldwide markets with a new expanded distribution agreement through Smashwords, making their titles available to major online retailers, including Apple which has distribution to iBooks stores in 51 countries, Barnes & Noble (US and UK), Kobo, Overdrive, the world’s largest library eBook platform serving 20,000+ libraries, Flipkart, India’s largest online bookseller, Baker & Taylor with Blio and the Axis360 library service, Page Foundry, which operates retail sites Inktera.com , Versent.com, and Android eBook store apps for Cricket Wireless and Asus.

Additionally, Kobo powers multiple eBook retailers around the world, including WH Smith in the UK, FNAC in France and Portugal, Livraria Cultura in Brazil, Angus & Robertson in Australia, Bookworld in Australia, Indigo in Canada, Collins in Australia, Feltrinelli in Italy, Libris in the Netherlands, Paper Plus in New Zealand, Play in Great Britain, Rakuten in Japan, Buy.com (now Rakuten) in the US, Whitcoulls in New Zealand, with more on the way.

Earlier this year Mystic Ink released author Matthew J. Pallamarys second short story collection, A Short Walk to the Other Side which was published as a tribute to his mentor Ray Bradbury. It was an Award Winning Finalist in the Short Story Category of the 5th Annual International Book Awards. A Short Walk to the Other Side was followed by DreamLand, a novel about computer generated dreaming which won an Independent E-book Award in the Horror/Thriller Category.

One of its lead titles, Land Without Evil a historical novel about first contact between Jesuits and Indians in South America over two hundred fifty years ago was adapted into a full-length stage and sky show, directed by Agent Red, and performed by Sky Candy, an Austin Texas aerial group. The making of the show was the subject of a PBS series, Arts in Context episode, which garnered an EMMY nomination. Land Without Evil is in development as a feature film.

Other Mystic Ink books have won the following awards:

International Book Award – 1st Place – Nonfiction New Age – The Infinity Zone

San Diego Book Award – Award Winning Finalist – The Infinity Zone

National Best Book Awards – Award Winning Finalist – Spirit Matters

San Diego Book Award – Best Spiritual Book – Spirit Matters

San Diego Book Award – Land Without Evil

Mystic Inks titles have also won the acclaim of noted writers, among them Ray Bradbury, Charles Champlin – L.A. Times Critic Emeritus, Charles M. Schulz, Barnaby Conrad, Victor Villasenor, David Brin, and noted psychologist Stanley Krippner.

In celebration of its expanded availability, Mystic Ink is cutting its prices on all of its eBook offerings.

Based in San Diego since 2000, Mystic Ink Publishing is an independent publisher focusing on works of a spiritual, shamanic, new age, or transcendent nature as well as dramatic works of Phantastic Fiction

iPhone 5S iPhone 5C 発表まとめ!みんな買う?買わない?

ついに発表されました「iPhone 5S」「iPhone 5C」! 予約・販売・料金プランに関してはまだ情報が出揃っていないため、どのモデルをどのキャリアで購入するのか、それ以前に購入するのかしないのかもなかなか決められない状況です。 僕はiPhone5Sのゴールドがいいなあと思っているのですが…迷うところで…
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New iPhone 6 Clone from China! Source: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Functional-iPhone-6-clones-might-be-available-to-buy-soon_id58133 Please help support m…
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Introducing Dashlane 3: All-new features, enhanced password sharing for families and teams

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 16, 2014

People share passwords, whether at work or at home, and it is a nightmare. Co-workers share passwords to FedEx and Twitter; family members use the same Netflix or Seamless accounts. These passwords are typically emailed around in plain text plain insecure. If someone changes the password, everyone else gets locked out. And how secure is the companys QuickBooks password when accountant leaves with it?

To eliminate these problems, Dashlane 3 introduces Password Sharing and Emergency Contacts.

Password Sharing

Dashlane 3 allows families and roommates to simply and securely share passwords to bank accounts, utilities and more. It also allows workplaces to solve problems such as:

Melhores dicas de Apps para iPhone e iPad (5 Apps / iPhone 5)

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