What Kind Of Process Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing in its broadest of definitions is marketing communication via a mobile device, which to the uninitiated may just mean that users receive a bulk advertising message on their mobile phones. That would indicate that it is a one way process and it really couldn’t be further from reality. Mobile marketing is an interactive process in the true sense of the word and here’s why…

This feature actually comprises of a wide variety of SMS services and is most definitely a two-way process. The mobile user sends an SMS to a short code or number starting with a predefined keyword and they receive a text back with the requested information. A user could be requesting a mobile discount coupon, some information about a new product; they could be entering a competition, adding their vote to a poll and so on. The possibilities are endless and that’s what makes mobile marketing so versatile and fascinating and very, very popular. People like choice and they enjoy interaction and that’s what SMS marketing is all about.

Traditional marketing was based on simple, one-dimensional adverts with cheesy messages; like billboards that smiled out at the consumer from a great height. It has now evolved into multidimensional, interactive marketing that allows the user greater choice, more control over the products they buy and the services they employ and so much more say in where they shop, how they shop. Smart consumers are no longer passive viewers of traditional advertisements but are instrumental in the process of advertising primarily by their interaction in the process.

SMS marketing is so versatile that is lends itself to Political campaigning as President Obama so aptly showed the world using a mobile campaign in his run for the Presidency. His “Change” campaign was all about personal messages, two-way interaction with voters who signed up to his SMS campaign. It was a great success before his campaign garnering donations and support, during the campaign by encouraging a large voter turn-out than expected and then for thank-you messages and feedback after the win. Not to mention the invaluable database it created for future communication with those who opted-in. Other Politicians have since done a similar thing since with successful outcomes.

Text marketing companies also provide companies the platform to allow opt-in databases, so that the relationship between them and their consumers can be ongoing. This marketing is truly a two-way process. If you need further convincing, the best way to find out is to trial it for yourself.

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