Mobile Marketing Investment on the Rise

[I:]Investment in mobile marketing is on the move upwards as executives shift advertising money away from other channels and into mobile marketing. Major businesses and local companies are following the market as they also shift their money into mobile marketing, following the move of the ad dollars into the space.

The shift in mobile marketing spend is coming at the expense of more traditional advertising channels as an increasingly mobile consumer base demands more from the businesses they interact with. With a more tech savvy consumer comes a new set of demands on executives, and those listening to the calls for mobile marketing are staying ahead of their competitors.

While the big players have been working with mobile marketing for some time, the smaller businesses are recognizing that they need to make the move. With the low entry costs and ease of adoption, mobile marketing is also a great tool in uncertain financial times. The most cost effective to keep your business growing in a recession is to find those tools that are the most effective for the least spend, with the best of these tools being mobile marketing.

A big industry player has announced they intend to invest heavily in a mobile marketing campaign. The investment indicates the importance of mobile marketing in future business planning and development. This business sees a shift towards mobile marketing in the future, and they do not intend to be left behind.

Company executives announced the investment will include a heavy focus on localised mobile marketing campaigns. With enhanced reporting allowed by mobile marketing platforms, businesses are able to use their campaigns to find out more about their consumers: what they want and how best to service them in the future.

The investment is a clear indicator that Verve see mobile marketing as important in the development of successful advertising campaigns.

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