What Would You Choose – Mobile Or Land-Line?

Over the past ten years, the effect that mobile phones have had on the use of landline phones has been huge. A study in America by the National Center for Health statistics reported that one out of every four Americans has abandoned their landline phone and are solely using their mobile phone. So with land line use declining and mobile use increasing at a non-stop pace, are mobile phones making landlines unnecessary?

To a large extent, the reduction in use of landline phones has been caused by the advancements in which people communicate nowadays. Mobiles now offer a wide array of communications services including email, Facebook and of course the tried and true SMS all of which make mobile a far more efficient and frequently used form of communication. The downward spiral of the current economy has also attributed to the number of households who own a landline phone. With the introduction of mobile phones and their many new communication functions, people are opting to have their landline phones disconnected because they simply cannot afford to keep both.

Although the landline phone has somewhat been shadowed by mobile, two American companies, AT&T and Verizon Company, still remain faithful to the landline phone. In keeping in line with current trends, AT&T promotes their broadband and IP based services, such as video. Verizon Company echoes this by selling its services in appealing packages which incorporate television and internet service.

It would also seem that the landline phone is still valued in New Zealand as a cheaper option when communicating with people. Telecom’s Total Home packages have been designed with customers’ different lifestyles in mind. Telecom has identified the need for family and friends to keep in touch by creating tailored plans which include low-priced international calls to various countries, free local calls, inexpensive national calls, and an unlimited amount of calls to one nominated national landline number, lasting for up to two hours per call. With these impressive packages on offer, the use of landline phones as a way of connecting with each other is still very much the voice of communication.

So although the many functions on some mobile phones may be convenient to some people, it is still apparent that the importance of landline communications is invaluable for its users in both business and personal communications.

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