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ASTARICKS Develops Breakthrough Interactive, Updatable & Secure Digital Business Card System

Devonport, Tasmania (PRWEB) June 30, 2014 ASTARICKS Pty Ltd announces the release of ASTARICKS, a new type of digital business card system. The new system provides businesses and business people with a suite of products and services that can help them promote, network and connect seamlessly. The core of the system is ASTARICKS Cards, […]

Small business owners enjoy advantage of no-cost supplies on all selected terminals from Encore Payment Systems

Addison, Texas (PRWEB) December 23, 2012 Owning a small business requires time, patience and a well thought-out detailed budget. For most merchants this means allocating a significant portion of the budget dedicated to supplies, but for Encore Payment Systemss merchants this means having more money for where they really want to spend the extra cash […]

Businesses Need Mobile Loyalty Programs Now

Most people would never heard of mobile loyalty programs; that will change as mobile loyalty programs start eliminate coupons, plastic cards and deals commonly peddled by the Groupons of the world. Mobile loyalty programs allow them to ditch a wallet full of plastic. Further, you make your life simpler and allow your loyalty to a particular brand to give you discounts on repeat purchases.

Why Your Organization Needs a Mobile Loyalty Program

Mobile loyalty programs are blowing up the world of online promotion. Mobile loyalty programs are game changers and the fact that they eliminate credit cards and rewards cards almost entirely. Mobile loyalty programs make life simpler for the customer and help the customer stay organized and connected to the companies they do business with.

Utilizing Android OS for Business

For the last five years the Blackberry cell phones have been associated with business. No city worker worth their salt who would not have their trusty Blackberry. Including the current President of the United States, Barack Obama is a self confessed Blackberry addict. However, the rise of Android cell phones together with the innovation the open source system delivers, it is about time companies look at their addiction with the Blackberry?

Phone Swipe Technology At A Glance

Phone swipe is a technology that allows customers to pay for the services rendered in almost the same way credit cards do. It is an ingenious way of making payments since the customer is only required to have their cell phones with them. The application has been proven to work and is being implemented in various regions in the world.

The Essentials of Digital Signatures

Through the help of the asymmetric cryptography, the digital signatures can be able to use for the signing of any documents provided by the company. You can use this type of innovation in any business transaction and online agreement.

Print From Your Smart Phone

In the continuous advancement in print technology, mobile phones and electrical capabilities in general, we are now capable of considerably more on the run. We would once simply have internet at your workplace, now all we need to do is reach into our pockets to check email, or send reports. Printer drivers used to be a headache of options and configuration settings. Nowadays, drivers have standards and are generally rather simple to install and utilize.

Both Mobile OSs Are Great For Business, But iOS Is for the Creative And Android Is for the Scientific

I am regularly asked about mobile operating sytems, and the two that come up the most are manifestly Android and iOS. Perhaps one of the more frequently asked questions I am asked is about which OS is better. That’s a troublesome question to resolve, and if I had to give a definitive answer it’d be really complicated. I may side with iOS for reasons involving simplicity of use and the huge App Store populated with fine quality, helpful applications. I may side with Android for its versatility, tight Google integration, cheaper price of entry and gigantic hardware options.

Text message coupons for Restaurants – A Powerful, Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

In our economic slump, restaurants are finding it harder and harder to market themselves. The fact is that people are going out to eat less, and spending less when they do. This has placed a heavy burden upon restaurant owners to get people into their restaurants without spending a lot of money. Conventional means of advertising (Print, TV, radio) are extremely expensive and have limited response rates. However, there is good news. A new from of advertising is sweeping the marketing world by storm: text message advertising.